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 Who deserves to possess her?

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PostSubject: Who deserves to possess her?   Tue May 22, 2007 11:28 am

Yeah. Just wanna share a movie I have recently seen. Smile
The brief of this is..... study

Once up on a time,there was a shool where men learn 18 At Htar Ya Tha and head of this school had a clever,pretty and graceful daughter. sunny
One day, he made an arranged marriage of his daughter with a man among his pupils.Coz he thought this man is perfect and suitable for his daughter. Wink
But,in reality, althought this man is perfect, he doesn't deserve having such a good wife. So she wasn't not fond of her and then kept away from her. affraid
Finally, this valuable lady became a wife of an emperor. sunny
That is the right place for her and she found a man deserve to possess her. cheers
That is all.
From this movie, which conclusion do u get? Question
Waiting ur replies. Rolling Eyes

Be Happy,
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PostSubject: Re: Who deserves to possess her?   Sun Jun 03, 2007 10:14 am


Ms Cho

so interesting movie

I wanna seeeeee if i have chance.

I have no idea for ur request..........

so sorry madam..............
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Who deserves to possess her?
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